The best thing about your best friend being your mum

Your mum is the one person who, through absolutely everything will still be there for you. Regardless of the endless arguments, the hurtful name calling, the hours of not talking because you think you’re in the right and she should apologise.. 

Shes still your mum, she will still be there when everything falls apart, even though she “told you so” she will pick you up, hug you, buy your flowers and love you. In my case, my mum has done this many times for me. She’s my best friend and I will forever be grateful for her.
There are still days where I think “please just leave me alone for 5 minutes” or “do the food shopping yourself this week” but who doesn’t? Best friends still get on each other’s nerves, mothers and daughters fight.
The best thing about your best friend being your mum is, she will never judge you, or lie to you, she will never talk about you behind your back, or forget about you. She will always be there, always be proud of you and always put you first. My mum is the one person I could not live without, in fact without my mum I don’t know where I would be. I guarantee I would not be graduation from university this year, I would not have won all of those football trophies, or loved to read books, or ultimately, been the person that I am today.
So, I don’t think you’ll read this mum, but thank you, thank you for everything.
Life is too short to hold a grudge, especially with your mum, or even your dad. Be grateful and kind. Make up, get dressed, and go share some ice cream (or get one each if you’re anything like me) 
Love always,

C x


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