Where in the world?🌏

Id love to travel. Over the last several years I’ve contemplated travelling, looking at deals and routes online, planning away a dream trip around the world but never been able to afford it. So me and my boyfriend comprised a list of places we would love to visit! Here’s just a few of them!

1. Australia – Its funny, not only would be love to visit Australia but it has always been something we have talked about for our future too, to immigrate to Australia would be a dream. Has anyone been to Australia or immigrated there?

2. New York – This one is mainly for me, he’d just be tagging along 😇 I’d love to visit the big apple in winter, whilst it’s covered in snow, Central Park is decorated for Christmas and the ice rink has a purpose. 😍

3. Europe – I’ve generalised this into just “Europe” because the more I google a country the more I add to the list, so to keep it simple, we’d like to travel around Europe. This is something we did actually plan for Summer 2018 however due to my change in job and us moving in together, it had to take a back seat 😭 has anyone travelled Europe and could suggest a route?

4. Maldives – Now I feel like this is a stereotypical “honeymoon” location, but be honest, have you EVER seen something so beautiful in your life!?

If anyone has any suggestions they’d like to throw my way it’d be appreciated! Hopefully one day I’ll get to visit them all 🤞🏼

Charlotte x


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