A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear young innocent Charlotte,

Before you use those crocodile scissors to cut out chunks of your hair, listen to me,

Although you think you have your life figured out, and that you’ll be happily married (or at least engaged), owning your own house by 23. I’m sorry but it just hasn’t gone that way.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to you. It’s ‘love yourself’. You don’t know it yet but you have so much to be happy about. Do what you love to do, playing football does not make you a boy, you have so much talent, embrace it.

You think your fat? Please. For me. Do not play into it. You deserve so much more than to starve yourself and beat yourself up about your appearance, you’re beautiful the way you are; anyone that is meant to be in your life will stay there.

If there’s anything I’d ask you to change, it’s your choice in clothing, yes tracksuit bottoms are comfortable, but girl, you look great in skinny jeans and dresses! Start wearing them now, stop worrying about everyone’s opinions on your body.

Boys. Ugh. Ignore them for as long as you can, they’re the most infuriating specimen ever. *I say this as I’m looking at Elliott from across the room* trust me, the right one just falls into your life when the time is right ❤

I know you’ll have your career panned in a few years time; that you’ll work in Computer Forensics in the police force, earning the big bucks, but again, it just hasn’t gone that way. You see, things will change, you’ll complete your Computer a Security and Forensics degree, but by the end of year 1 you’ll be questioning yourself, doubting your ability to obtain anything higher than a pass at graduation. But you’ll continue because what else can you do at this point? Then you’ll graduate with a First because you’re an over achiever, however you’ll have already decided that you want to teach and do something completely unrelated to the degree you’ve just gained £42,000 in debt from, so to save you the hassle, it’s teaching you want, stop being afraid, just do it. (You can thank me later)

But please

Just enjoy your life, you only get one, and it’s short.

All my love,

Grownup, regretful Charlotte



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