February Goals

Hello! It’s finally February, is it just me or did January literally feel like forever? I hope you’re all well and had a lovely weekend, I’m currently ill with yet another cold!

I’ve put together some goals for myself for the coming month. I feel that if I write them down I’ll be more inclined to stick to them! Anyone else?

So here it goes,

Post on my blog at least once a week

I think I’ve been doing pretty well with this so far this year, although this is a year long goal, I feel that it’s important to mention it this month, as it’s been a few weeks now, and this is about the time I’d give up even though I am enjoying it! Logic.

Read and review 2 books

This is a pretty big challenge I’ve set myself. But I think it’s the kind of push I need! I love to read! Romance and thriller in particular get me hooked every time! I’m currently reading ‘Still Me’ by Jojo Moyes and I’m loving it! But I find that I don’t do it enough, I spend most of my spare time glued to the television when I could be reading, I’m hoping this challenge will help me make better choices!

Take more photos

I love taking photos, I’ve got a proper camera and everything! But do I ever use it? Nope. I do t know what it is, whether it’s anxiety or what, but every time it comes to actually leaving the house to take pictures, I talk myself out of it. What if people see me out by myself? Is it weird to be by myself? What if I can’t even take a decent photo? Where would I even go? See what I mean? But this month, even if I only make it out once, I’ll be happy and it’ll be a step in the right direction!

Here’s to a good month, and reaching my goals! ā¤

Tell me some of your goals for the month in the comments below, I’d love to know what everyone is aiming for/doing this month!

Charlotte x


4 thoughts on “February Goals”

  1. Hi Charlotte, good luck with your goals! My goal for this month is the launch of the new website The Anatomy of Happiness. Maybe we want to give it a look, it’s only in its embryonal stage šŸ™‚


  2. My goal is to better allow my life to flow and not judge myself if things don’t work out as I planned. To trust that life is unfolding exactly as it should and that no matter what I do, it will be enough. Good luck with your goals, Charlotte, enjoy the journey even if the destination you reach is not what you planned.

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