What I’m Doing for Half Term

Hello! This week is half term for me, absolute bliss! No alarm, no work, no children screaming my name every 5 seconds for 6 hours a day! What could be better?

I’ve come, with Elliott, to spend a few days with my grandparents back where I grew up! Honestly, it’s a little strange being back here having moved over 5 years ago. But it’s so nice to see and spend time with them.

We arrived yesterday afternoon, luckily there wasn’t much traffic so it was a fairly smooth run. We spent a couple of hours sitting chatting before getting ready to go out for some dinner! Omg it was delicious! I could feel myself spilling over the top of my leggings, but, who cares?! Clearly not me because I had a starter, main and desert! A few drinks and then back home to veg in front of the TV before bed. – perfect.

This was my desert

Today we’re just lounging around, watching football (is it just my grandad?) eating yummy food. I think tomorrow we’ll go and see some other family, maybe do some shopping with my gran before we go out again for dinner. We’re going to try ‘The Engine’ in Sunderland if anyone knows of it?

Then the rest of the week, I think I’ll just binge watch the contents of Netflix on my sofa whilst Elliott is at work before a shopping trip to London on Saturday with my mum!

If it’s half term for you what are your plans?

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Charlotte x


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