Modern Day Life

I sit here as a 23 year old, longing for children to see the world the way I did 10 years ago. The pure innocents and enjoyment of a child’s life is slowly being washed away in crime and technology.

Why has life changed so much?

I always laughed when older people declared their age with “when I was your age” because I’d feel “wow you’re old, things change, this is just how it is” but when I was younger, and we’re only talking around 6-10 years ago here, children played in the streets, they’d withdraw from the world, to the park with friends, play football, knock on people’s doors then run away (I loved this game), stay out till 10pm in the summer because it was slightly lighter and there weren’t many worries as long as you were visible from a window in the house.

Children these days have no idea how to have fun, or how to use their imagination to think up games, their idea of fun is an Xbox or PlayStation connected to the online world, in their underwear, sweating it out in their bedrooms for the day, with no real interaction, because let’s face it, they’re not listening when their parents talk to them. Why? Why has everything changed so much? Technology is taking over lives, they have no idea what real fun is, or how to socialise with their families, children as young as 7 having iPhones? Why? They do not need phones at that age, if anything you’re making it easier for them to get into trouble. The World Wide Web is a dangerous place for adults, never mind young children who believe everything they see/hear.

For as long as I can remember, until I was around 16 (when “playing out” became uncool and you were just “hanging out with friends”) I would be over the park playing football, seeing who could throw their shoe off the swing furthest, putting the back tyre of someone’s bike on a roundabout in the park to spin it as fast as possible. These days it’s all about being the highest level on candy crush, or talking to online friends that you don’t even know, who may or may not be who they say they are.

Children need that interaction, with people their own age, having fun, physically, stimulating their growth. Without that they are setting themselves up for a life time of social anxiety, and fear of the unknown because they have no experience of freedom or character building.

It’s sad to see some of the changes in this world, although the majority are incredible new creations, and in a world of continuous growth it never seizes to amaze me; but the youth of today have no idea what it is missing out on. And it saddens me. They have no idea what they’re missing, all they know is danger, violence, just darkness. They’ll never know what they’re missing out on because the world is such a scary place that parents can’t bare the thought of risking it. But can you blame them? In today’s world I wouldn’t want my children outside, surrounded by so many threats. I’d want them inside where it’s safe, technology, in my opinion, is most likely a safety net to most parents – without the effects of online gaming, by ensuring your children are only playing with friends then what are the dangers of playing online? Far fewer than that of a child outside roaming the streets.

I miss being a child, being free, being… happy.

Charlotte x


6 thoughts on “Modern Day Life”

  1. Amen to this post! When I was younger I literally lived outside! My parents could never get me in! But it’s a crazy world now so I totally agree that some parents use the technology safety blanket! Great post 🙂


      1. Best way to grow up!! Stay out until it starting getting dark or until you could hear your mum shouting for you Ha!


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