My Favourite Netflix Shows

There once was a time where my only means of watching TV was through sky, but in my opinion it got boring and repetitive. So, I took to Netflix (when I say ‘I’ I mean… Elliott) and OMG, it’s a whole new world of binge worthy ‘stuff’!

I thought I’d leave you with my favourite shows that are on Netflix!

Pretty Little Liars

I’m just going to be honest here and say I was obsessed with PLL, to the point where I’ve actually watched seasons 1-7 twice. Apart from the very last episode! Can we just talk about that? If you’ve watched PLL, please tell me you thought the last episode was… well… sh!t?

The whole story line was amazing, I was so invested in these girls lives. Basically if you’ve never watched PLL, it’s about 5 best friends, one of which goes missing, the others are then being harassed by an unknown stalker called ‘A’, in the end it is all about finding who this ‘A’ is after having thought they’d established it a number of times previously!

Gossip Girl

I didn’t think I’d enjoy this at first, I’m not usually one for the upper class, but I adore Blake Lively so had to give it a go. (Also the boys are so cute, so what’s not to like) I even had Elliott hooked on it!

In a sense it’s similar to PLL but without the dark mystery. Nobody knows who ‘Gossip Girl’ is, but (s)he knows everyone’s business and shares it online with everyone. Again I loved the story line and the boys and found it so addictive to watch!

Gilmore Girls

There is nothing more enjoyable than essentially watching yourself and your mum on TV! The relationship between the mother and daughter in this show (the main characters) is amazing! I just love everything about it.

There isn’t really a story line or ‘plot’ to Gilmore girls, but it’s such an easy, uplifting watch and I couldn’t recommend it more!


I’ve not long got into Riverdale, and I’m hooked. I’ve actually caught up and now have to wait weekly for a new episode! What is this about? I hate waiting.

There’s always so much going on in a Riverdale, but not so much that you get confused? Just watch it, oh, and if you’re like me and you watched ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ when you were younger then you definitely want to watch this 🙊

Making a Murderer

So, making a murderer is a documentary about a man charged with murder, but it wasn’t him, well that’s what he is saying. He is sure that the police have it in for him and are twisting things to make it look like it was him.

It is so interesting to watch and will change your whole opinion on police and how different some people can be! I found myself getting angry and frustrated watching this series but it was incredibly interesting to watch!


I came across this one day, advertised as a new ‘Netflix Original’ and thought I’d give it a watch as I was looking for something funny/heart warming. I watched every episode in that same day, (there are only 8) and loved it. I keep checking to see if there are any new episodes for it, but none as of yet, but I’ll definitely be watching it when/if there are any!

Atypical is about a boy with Autism, it’s a huge insight into that of an autism and I found it very interesting as well as having comedic aspects.


I’m aware this is very old, but I’ve actually never watched friends… I know, embarrassing! But now that it’s on Netflix I’ve gotten into it, and I love it! I can’t believe I’ve never actually watched it before. I’m only on season 2 but I can tell that it’s something I’ll stick with!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Friends is an American Comedy based in New York, it’s about a group of friends and basically just follows their everyday lives but there’s so much comedy involved.

So there you go, there are many more but I don’t want to bore you! If you’ve stuck around, let me know some of the things you’ve watched on Netflix as I’m always looking for new series/movies to watch.

Charlotte x


13 thoughts on “My Favourite Netflix Shows”

  1. I love Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars (although I was shocked at the ending too, after spending that much of my life watching it I was hoping for something better) I have to recommend both Stranger Things and Black Mirror, they are AMAZING and definitely worth the watch! X

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  2. Ah I love everything on this list with such a passion and I am slowly but surely enjoying Gilmore Girls right now , these are excellent choices ! The only show I haven’t watched is Making a murderer which I will add to my list! As yes PLL’s final episode was extremely disappointing. You have totally captured my Netflix loves in a post ! – Talia xx


    1. It took me a while to get into gossip girl, as I said I’m not usually into that sort of thing but after a while I just wanted to know who it was, I was really disappointed with the turn out though! Thank you!


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