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Story Time – The time I went missing!

As it’s a Sunday I thought, how about a funny story? Clearly my sweet tooth started from a young age!

I’m always telling my mum she’s lucky to have a daughter like me, a little angel! My mum loves to tell this story now but I can only imagine how she must have felt in the moment! Onto the story…

A bit of background… so my dad was a Royal Marine and was based in Scotland, so this is where we were living at the time. We lived in, well, a “community” I guess, with other military families. At the time I was 6, and I had a best friend, let’s call her Sophie!

So… lovely day, playing outside in the little park area with Sophie. “Don’t go far” our mums said, you know, as they do and of course you always listen. Well, usually I did. But not on this occasion… can you see where this is going?

There’s a little community centre just the other side of the park where they held nursery during the week, but it was closed. Obviously the park got boring so we decided to go for a wander and stumbled upon an open door to the community centre! Well, let’s go inside, ooo, chocolate! Im sure they won’t mind if we have some (is what I imagine going through my 6 year old mind).

So by now, it’s getting on in the day, so my mum has gone to the park to get us as Sophie was having dinner at our house tonight. To her surprise, no children… “they must have gone to Sophie’s house” so off she goes, nope, they aren’t here. At this point there’s now TWO frantic parents on the phones to the men at work saying they can’t find their child.

I’m now told to fast forward an hour, still no children, right now the whole estate is out looking for us, whilst we are casually sitting behind the tills in the community centre stuffing our faces with chocolate and other delightful treats.

The thought of the community centre hasn’t yet crossed anyone’s mind because it’s supposed to be closed, the doors should be locked so they can’t be in there…

All of a sudden, someone comes through the door, so I stand up, to my delight it’s my mum “hi mum”, “what on earth are you doing, we have been looking everywhere for you” in walks Sophie’s mum, it’s very clear that we are in big trouble, but, I’ll just ask anyway “Can Sophie still come to ours for dinner?”

The end.

I’m sure you can guess, the answer was no and we were both dragged home!

What an angelic child I was!

Charlotte x

10 thoughts on “Story Time – The time I went missing!”

  1. LOL love stories like this! A girl after my own heart just thinking about the chocolate! I done something similar but when I was about 3… my mum found me in my neighbours house behind the sofa with their son giving him a kiss on the cheek! xx

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  2. Loved this story, something similar happened to me when I was 8. I went to play in my neighbors backyard, without telling my mom, and got into HUGE trouble. Yikes.

    xx Lily (blog: )

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