Texas 2017

July 2017 myself and Elliott went on our second holiday together! I can do a separate post about our first if anyone is interested?

So we flew out to Austin, Texas to meet my mum and dad who were already there, they had gone out a week before us!

We arrived at Heathrow Airport nice and early, checked in and went for a walk around all of the shops (Elliott was careful enough to ensure I missed the Harry Potter store) and went to get some breakfast… finally! I’d been thinking about preflight pancakes for about a month!! They did not disappoint.

Anyway, pretty standard flight out to Austin, we arrived on time, met my mum and dad outside and were on our way to San Antonio.

Once we arrived it was time to go out for dinner, my parents had already arranged dinner with some friends we met a few years back when we last went to Texas.

Oh.My.God, they took us to a restaurant called “Dick’s” where, essentially, all of the staff act like dicks when they’re taking your orders, they make you wear paper hats (queue picture of rude hats) and their drink sizes are insane!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for the night as we had had a long day flying in, and then driving from Austin to San Antonio! The next morning we went for a walk around the town taking in all of the sunshine before we got back into the car to drive to our final destination for the week. The Mayan Dude Ranch in Bandera Texas! Now, to some you might be thinking “omg what kind of holiday is that, sounds ridiculous” well, judge all you want but this is the 4th time I’ve been there and if we could afford to, we’d go every year.

San Antonio Town

San Antonio Town

Whilst at the ranch, our main focus was catching up with old friends, chilling by the pool and sitting down by the river, drinking ice cold beverages listening to country music! My idea of a perfect summers day.

The ranch itself is huge, but it is so beautiful! I spent a lot of time walking around just clearing my head, at this point I was worried about what I was going to do with the rest of my life! Have you ever just been so relaxed you could cry with happiness. Well that’s how this place makes me feel!

Elliott had his first horse riding experience, I think he enjoyed it? Myself, no chance! I’m petrified of them, I went to take a picture of Elliott and that’s as close to them as I got!

Apart from this, we spent a lot of time in the pool using my dads phone as a camera because it can take under water pictures…. so cool!

If for any reason you do visit San Antonio, I’d definitely recommend the River Walk boat tour! The views and the history of the town is amazing!

The River Walk

One more thing before I stop rambling on… Starbucks in America is way better than Starbucks in the UK! If you’re ever in America I’d make it a goal to have a Starbucks!

I hope you enjoyed reading, where is your favourite place to go on holiday? I love hearing about holidays!

Charlotte x


3 thoughts on “Texas 2017”

    1. It’s gorgeous! Before we went I was embarrassed to tell people because when I thought “Texas” I thought old western films and banjos 😂 but it’s honestly nothing like that and it’s SO beautiful! If I could move there I’d do it tomorrow! x


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