Meet Kodi

This is Kodiak (Kodi for short). He is an Alaskan Malamute not a husky!

Born in October 2015, he came to our home on December 23rd of that year, and since that day has liked to think he is the boss.

As a puppy he was so cuddly and loving, rolling around the floor for new people, giving them kisses and loving a chat. I remember watching him try to get on the sofa and not being able to get his back legs up… that didn’t last long! Now he’s got his own side of the sofa! 6 months into his life we had this cheeky chap! (Look at that smile)

That summer (2016) we went on a trip to Cornwall, this was his first trip to the beach! He loved every moment! From his first trip in the sea (which he tried to eat), to his first ever ice cream! But clearly his favourite discovery was sand. Here we have an 8 month old Kodi.

Another thing Kodi loves is his “pack walks” this is where other people with Malamutes or Huskies all meet and go on group walks! He was always the friendly one that just wanted to play with everyone. When Kodi hit around the 1 year mark, his personality started to change, he’d been aggressive with my dad, also tried to bite my mum, and started to growl and snarl at anyone who went near him or us. During this time he could also be aggressive with other dogs, mostly males, which is common as they like to be dominant.

But look at that face, there’s no way he’d hurt anyone right? WELL, thankfully he never has, we went through numerous puppy training classes, persevered with socialisation and corrected any bad behaviour. We were told it was all hormonal and we just had to let him grow out of it. Which, as you can imagine got VERY tough on our family, nobody could come to the house without him growling, and being protective of us as it seemed.

We did a lot of research on getting him neutered and wanted to wait until he was fully grown (which for this breed is not until 2 years old) and were told it would never help his behaviour, he may just get worse, and it was all to do with him growing up.

Queue a fully grown Kodi, who still hated everyone and everything, I know you would never guess looking at that gorgeous face, but if you’d said hello he’d have showed you his teeth and growled! Crazy! So, it all got too much for us as a family, my dad had lost his job and had to find a new one, so we were looking into getting him a new home. Which obviously we were absolutely heartbroken about, we had worked so hard with him and given him the world but it wasn’t fair on him.

Finally my dad got a new job, working from home which meant Kodi would never have to be left alone for whole days. To be rehired he had to be neutered, so we had him done, and no word of a lie, instantly, he changed, he was a whole new dog. From that day on in October of 2017, he has been everyone’s best friend. He even lies on the sofa for snuggles,!,

So thankfully, with my dad getting his new job, and Kodi completely changing behaviour wise, we cancelled the advertisement instantly and have never looked back. Every day he makes us laugh, and is the most loving dog ever!

I hoe you’ve enjoyed meeting him, if it was in person you’d leave with a very soggy face.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


5 thoughts on “Meet Kodi”

  1. He’s gorgeous! haha his cheeky smile!! We got our dog neutered because he was trying to have sex with everything and everyone, as well as being a little aggressive. He’s a staff so people in the street were scared of him, which was so unfair. We went through with it when he was 3 and it was the best thing we’ve ever done! He’s 11 now and the most loving, cuddly best fur friend ever. Thanks for letting me meet Kodi! x

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    1. Awww! I’m so glad it worked for him! We had a staff who sadly passed away a few years back and he was the most loving dog I’d ever known! He was scared of his own shadow so it’s weird to think people thought he was dangerous! x


  2. He is so adorable, I absolutely love malamutes and huskies! I’m so glad his behavior changed too, that would’ve been terrible to have to give him away. Loved seeing all these pictures I can’t get over how adorable he is!!

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