Earning the “Blogger” Title

Hello again, it feels strange to be posting again already.

Before yesterday, the last time I posted was back in March. Everything was going so well, I was feeling so positive about my blog, what I was posting, interacting with people on social media. I really felt like me.

But then, along with a load of personal shit that I wont bore you with, I started thinking about how quick everyone else was expanding and developing their blogs, and I had no idea what to do. Where was I going wrong? Why is my engagement not as high as theirs? How are people making more of blogging for themselves? Why can’t I do that too? and I started to second guess myself, questioning the content I was creating. Telling myself that it wasn’t good enough so what was the point in posting because nobody would read it anyway.

I then started thinking about the title “blogger”, when do you have the right to call yourself a blogger? Do people look at your profile and think “how can you call yourself a blogger when you don’t post”. Are you only really a blogger when you’re popping out review posts for a company and hundreds, if not thousands of people are following your posts? Or when you’re taking really nice pictures? Because I have no creativity for that…

What is a blogger?

So by definition, a blogger is “a person who regularly writes material for a blog.” therefore any person, who writes a blog post, regardless of its nature, its popularity or its engagement, is a blogger.

Maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s just my lack of confidence in myself, but I definitely cannot get my head around being a blogger…. how can I be put in that category when I don’t produce regular posts? In fact, I don’t even know what my niche is. I just post absolute shit that people probably don’t even care about. But that’s just me, I’m boring and I basically have no life so I’m not entirely sure what else to write about because I’m sure posting endless pictures/posts of me in my PJ’s eating chocolate isn’t going to get me very far.

And on that note, I’m going to go back to what I do best, binge watch Netflix, in a ball, on the sofa, until 9pm when I’ll shuffle to the bedroom to watch Love Island.

Until next time,

Charlotte x


2 thoughts on “Earning the “Blogger” Title”

  1. Write about what you know they say. What’s on your watch list? Worst ever film of Netflix? Comfiest ever pjs? Loveisland insights. Start a blog award/tag. People care more than you know. Besides, blogging is a great way to just get random things out of your system. Anna x (one half of the Cinnamon Buns and Roses blog)


  2. You have a blog, so of course you are a blogger! Sometimes it gets hard to when you see how many views or articles another blog has, while you either struggle to create content or get views, or both. I don’t know how long you’ve been blogging for, but trust me. It takes time to even understand what a blogger herself wants to produce. It does require some work but it does not in any case delegitimize the fact that you’re a blogger, whether you post regularly or not.

    Best of luck, girl. You’ll get there. x


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